Alla Pugacheva, who called Russians slaves, was questioned during her last visit to Russia. Photo

Pugacheva was interrogated at the Russian-Lithuanian border

People's Artist of Russia Alla Pugacheva was interrogated at customs in the Pskov region on her way back home in early November 2023. The singer, who has repeatedly spoken out against the war in Ukraine and ridiculed the stupidity of her compatriots, was held in a closed room for about an hour.

Photos from the interrogation were published on Russian Telegram channels on December 15. In the photos, the diva is wearing a white fur coat and a cap. She is talking emotionally to someone on the phone.

According to the propagandists, during the interrogation, Pugacheva was allegedly asked only about the purpose of her visit, the timeframe, and "other things," which probably meant her political position, forgiveness, and remorse.

Alla Pugacheva was very nervous during interrogation

Pugacheva was reportedly asked to "go to a special room where she was to be interrogated in a closed format" while passing through customs. The singer allegedly "was very nervous during the conversation and was afraid that she would not be allowed to return home, but was quite polite with the employees."

Pugacheva also "talked a lot about her husband and children and even told how difficult it was to live abroad, both mentally and financially." Subsequently, the diva allegedly left her autographs for the customs officers, and they allowed her to enter her homeland.

Pugacheva told customs officers about the purpose of her visit, time of stay and ''other things''

As you know, the next day, Alla Pugacheva arrived at her home in the village of Gryaz, Moscow Region, to solve real estate problems, because during her family move to Israel, the singer and her husband Maksim Galkin sold their property in Russia. Then the deal with the house was blocked. The artist had a meeting with a potential buyer of the castle, and at the same time settled all the bureaucratic matters with the real estate and probably paid off the tax debt.

In particular, the singer also managed to record three songs at the studio of her old friend Igor Laletin during her stay in Russia. According to the friend, Pugacheva has no plans to return to Russia, and the recording of the songs was a "one-time event."

Photo posted by Galkin after Pugacheva's return from Russia

Pugacheva spent only three days in Russia and returned to Lithuania on November 5. After that, the singer addressed the Russians who support the Kremlin and the war in Ukraine, calling them slaves.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA wrote that Alla Pugacheva was included in the anti-rating of Russian patriots and took the first place there.

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