"All of us will be soldiers". A famous actor, who is at the front, warned Ukrainians about the insidiousness of the enemy

Mykhailo Kukuiuk knows the situation at the front from the inside, as he often visits the guys with speeches

Ukrainian actor Mykhailo Kukuiuk, who often performs at the front, addressed Ukrainians in the rear. According to the actor, we should all go to tactical medicine, because the war seems to be dragging on for a long time and will affect everyone.

Mykhailo Kukuiuk is sincerely surprised that Ukrainians are occasionally "dipped in a warm bath" as if victory is near. In a conversation with OBOZ.UA, the actor emphasized that "the enemy is insidious, evil and mean."

"We all have to go to tactical medicine, because we don't know what will happen tomorrow," says Mykhailo Kukuiuk. I noticed a trend in our news: they say everything will be fine. I don't want to say that we are wearing rose-colored glasses. However, I believe that we need to face the truth more often: the enemy is insidious and evil. And there are simply more of them than there are of us. The famous German politician of the nineteenth century, Bismarck, said: do not go to Russia, because, firstly, it is a long distance, secondly, there is a great climatic difference, and thirdly, the people have low standards. They don't need that civilization. They will bring firewood to a mother for her murdered son, and that's fine."

''All of us will be soldiers''. A famous actor, who is at the front, warned Ukrainians about the insidiousness of the enemy

"We are dealing with a very vile enemy who is putting pressure on Slavism, on faith," Kukuiuk adds, "and we have people who still run to the churches of the Moscow Patriarchate. We must not allow Russians to come here - they are looking for loopholes to get back in. I will never forget how a priest from Russia came to one of the churches in Podil: "At least I have to stay through the winter." They asked: "What, is everything so bad there? You say you're from the Moscow region." And he said: "There is nothing to eat in winter. Men are working, women are drinking. Children are starting to drink too, and old people are lying down because they can't drink anymore. If only someone would bring an egg, there is nothing." I don't remember how this story ended, but the man briefly described the state of affairs that is observed not in some Nizhnevartovsk, but near Moscow."

"Once we had a conversation with the military at the front," Mykhailo continues, "and one of them said: "We should also have a very strong propaganda department." They argued with him: "Well, we're not Russians." And he said: "As long as we play tolerance, they will come back through churches, movies, and pop."

According to Kukuiuk, Russians invest a lot of money in popularizing their language and culture, and "some of our people still don't understand the expediency of Ukrainian."

"Let's say that that Russian-speaking teacher at a university in the capital, who was 'drowning' for the Russian world, worked quietly. And the Lviv university protested against Farion, who merely said a careless phrase. Well, she said that, but I know that the guys from "Azov", the Russian-speaking ones, did not react to her words. This is her front - her language. Instead of fighting with each other, we need to unite, because we will go on reconnaissance together. We will all be soldiers," the actor emphasized.

Read the full interview with Mykhailo Kukuiuk here.

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