Alain Delon to sue his own son over his "sensational" statements to the media: what tore them apart

Alain Delon's son face difficulties with his father and sister

French actor Alain Delon has announced his intentions to sue his son Anthony, who made a "sensational" statement about his 88-year-old father's health in a recent interview. In order to fuel attention to the family, the heir to the twentieth-century sex symbol publicly announced that he had almost a year to live.

This was evidenced by his loud words referring to Alain Delon's "last Christmas." The resonant news was spread by dozens of different websites, but as it turned out, the actor had no plans to pass away in the near future, The Guardian writes.

Anthony Delon told Paris Match that the pensioner could not accept the deterioration of his health, and added that there was a "serious risk" that 88-year-old Delon had celebrated "his last Christmas."

Alain Delon to sue his own son over his ''sensational'' statements to the media: what tore them apart

"He doesn't talk much, he gets tired or annoyed when we make him repeat himself because his voice is not always clear or audible anymore," the actor's heir said.

Alain Delon is outraged by Anthony's statements

Very quickly, the news of the star's near-death experience reached him. According to the actor's lawyer, he was "shocked by the media outburst organized by his son Anthony."

A few hours after the interview with details about Alain Delonat's health was published, he announced that he would sue his son. He said he was tired of the "aggressive behavior" and the attempts to demoralize his father.

Moreover, a complaint against Anthony will be filed by his sister Anouchka, whom his brother accused of lying about the actor's health. According to the Frenchwoman, she did not tell her family that from 2019 to 2022, Alain Delon "took five cognitive tests while visiting a clinic in Switzerland and failed every one of them."

"The results showed a cognitive degradation that puts my father in a position of psychological weakness and therefore vulnerability," Anthony explained.

Anthony's sister also intends to file a complaint with the court

The father and daughter are convinced that he simply wants to quarrel with the family and damage his sister's reputation. Anuchka Delon's lawyer said that she would file a lawsuit for defamation and harassment.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA wrote what is known about the 88-year-old actor, his support for Ukraine and his personal life. In his venerable years, the actor remains a gallant, sophisticated and gorgeous man.

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