A girl begs for help: why Ukraine's oldest mother had her daughter taken away and what happened in the family

Ukraine's oldest mother has had her daughter taken away from her

78-year-old Valentina Podverbnaya from Chernihiv, who is considered to be the oldest mother in Ukraine, had her 12-year-old daughter Anna-Maria taken away. The other day the schoolgirl's post appeared online, in which she pleaded for help, after which juvenile police officers drew attention to the family.

The day before, the executive committee of Chernihiv City Council decided to immediately remove the child from the mother. This was reported by journalists of "Suspilne" (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

Valentina Podverbnaya gave birth to her daughter in February 2011 thanks to artificial insemination, for which she had been saving up for a long time. More than 12 years ago her story became a sensation, and the elderly mother was hounded by the media.

As Anne-Marie grew older, it became public knowledge that not everything was getting along in the family. Valentina's neighbors said they saw the elderly mother begging for alms.

The woman and her daughter took part in the program "One for All", where the presenter of the project suggested depriving the Ukrainian woman of her parental rights, because, according to him, she behaved indecently.


Elena Zinchenko, head of the city department of children's affairs of Chernihiv City Council, told "Suspilne" that Podverbnaya and her daughter were constantly under the control of the service, because there were appeals from the school regarding the girl's behavior.

It is reported that in November 2022 two administrative reports were drawn up against Valentina Podverbna for failure to fulfill parental duties and psychological violence. However, in March the case was closed.


On April 24, 2023, a message appeared on Anna-Maria's page asking for help. The girl said that her mother abuses her physically and mentally. In particular, she tears the child's clothes, scratches, beats, insults, and does not allow her to wash her clothes.


The schoolgirl complained that her mother swears profanely and "wants to drive her to suicide".

"The child confirmed in the conversation that the mother does perform such actions, which he does not like, and he could commit suicide. This was in front of the mother in the apartment, in front of representatives," said Elena Zinchenko.

At the moment, the child is in the hospital. The mother is awaiting a lawsuit in court. It is he who will decide the fate of 12-year-old Anna-Maria.

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