Famous Russian showman renounces Russia: he explains why he is better than Galkin and why "anti-war" posts mean nothing

Alexander Shpak addressed his subscribers

The well-known Russian blogger and showman Alexander Shpak ridiculed the scandal surrounding the "naked party" of TV presenter Nastya Ivleeva and, in the wake of the hype, made his own "apologies". However, they concerned the war in Ukraine and the long silence about the dictatorial regime.

The artist addressed a multi-million audience saying that he was sorry for his long silence and inaction until February 24, 2022. He emigrated a long time ago and, unlike comedian Maxim Galkin, does not want to return to Russia. Shpak stated this on social media.

"My last fear disappeared on February 24, 2022. I want to apologize to you for not speaking out sooner because our silence has led to the fact that people like Putin and the rest have completely taken over Russia. The country we considered our homeland," the Russian began.

Famous Russian showman renounces Russia: he explains why he is better than Galkin and why ''anti-war'' posts mean nothing

He added that he no longer wants to be associated with a terrorist country. For almost two years, the influencer has been ridiculing propaganda and lies on Russian TV channels in a blog with a following of more than 2 million people.

"It made me realize that I am no longer a Russian. I don't want to be related to Russia or anything Russian. Unlike Galkin and some others, I do not want to return to Russia. I don't consider Russia my country. I had to do something, I'm a blogger after all," Shpak explained.

In the next video, the artist explained that the "doves of peace" and black squares posted by some Russians, including Ivleeva, are nothing but empty words, not worthy of attention. These posts do not relieve Russian stars of any responsibility.

"As for bloggers who live in Russia and say they have anti-war posts. You should follow the Moskva cruiser. A blogger is an opinion leader. I am known by 25-30 million people around the world. People like Ivleeva are known by 50-60-70 million. If you continue to live in Russia, pay taxes, do charity work in Russia, follow the Moskva cruiser. You are supporting Putin's regime, you are guilty of occupation and you are sponsoring the war," the showman explained.

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