6 fashion mistakes that should not be made are named: they will make the image cheap and tasteless. Photo.

Fashion mistakes you shouldn't make

They say you should dress the way you want to be treated. It's hard to argue with this. Stylists recommend creating outfits based on your character and inner feelings, but at the same time, you shouldn't forget about cleanliness, appropriateness, neatness and grooming. The absence of these parameters can ruin even the most sophisticated look.

You need to take care of the details and even the most imperceptible nuances, as they polish the image. Let's look at six common mistakes that some fashionistas don't pay attention to, even though they make outfits look cheap.

Wrinkled clothes

Wrinkled clothes scream "I just got out of bed and I don't have an iron". "Wrinkled clothes can be seen from a mile away, even if you think it's not. No matter how expensive your shirt or T-shirt is, you will look cheap.


Keeping up with trends

Following fashion trends can be expensive and risky. Often, being influenced by social media, looking at the style of bloggers and celebrities, we make impulsive purchases, choosing clothes that are trendy but not directly suitable for us. Therefore, if you are not ready to experiment, buy things that will not lose their relevance over time. If you feel that bold modern trends are completely in your element, then don't limit yourself to this rule.


Too many bold colours

If you find it difficult to combine colours, try mixing different things in different shades of the same colour. Otherwise, bright colours should be combined with a neutral or muted palette. Sometimes bold colours don't always work well. Consider the occasion, place and time for such bold statements. You run the risk of appearing out of place, which is practically tantamount to a lack of taste.


Showing too much skin

According to famous stylists, only one part of the body should be shown in each outfit. If you are showing skin in your upper body, your legs should be covered. If you want to show your legs, make sure your upper body is covered.


Nail polish without manicure/pedicure

Style is not only about trendy clothes and the ability to combine colours. It's also about being well-groomed. Do not apply nail polish if you do not have a manicure or pedicure. Most likely, it will be noticeable, and it does not look quite aesthetically pleasing. Follow the rule: hygiene is more important than decor.


Unclean shoes

Dirty, scratched, torn, faded or stained shoes will always look untidy and cheap. Despite the fact that shoes are the main decoration of an outfit. Just as a stylish pair of shoes will attract attention and compliments, an unkempt pair will immediately spoil your look. Invest in good quality shoes, as they are undoubtedly one of the first things to catch the eye when assessing a complete outfit.


As OBOZREVATEL wrote earlier, sometimes we make impulsive and rash purchases, being influenced by fleeting trends. The money is spent, and the bright blouse, whose print and style have rapidly lost their relevance, is gathering dust in the closet, taking up space. To reduce spending on clothes and replenish your wardrobe with only the "right" things, you need to follow three basic rules. Read about them in our article.

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