5 mistakes when washing your hair that "kill" your hair: make it dull and unkempt

The right shampooing technique will make you forget about brittle hair

Sometimes we wonder why, after using expensive shampoo, high-quality conditioner and thermal protection for our hair, our hair still looks dry and unhealthy. The problem may lie in improper shampooing. As it turned out, there are mistakes that can cost you the thickness and grooming of your hair.

OBOZREVATEL will prove that proper care and adherence to the correct technique for washing curls will save you from unforeseen expenses for a visit to a specialist. You need to remember just five points to achieve a great appearance.

1. Rinse with hot water

Hot water is detrimental to the scalp. According to experts, high temperatures greatly open the hair cuticle, which makes it more brittle and prone to hair loss. Boiling water also provokes dandruff, itching, and dry skin. Try to wash your hair under room temperature water.


2. Twisting your hair

If you don't want to make your curls dry and brittle, stop twisting them and try to squeeze them more gently. After washing, throw a towel over your head, pat your hair dry along the entire length and go out to conquer the world.


3. Using too much product

If you think that an abundance of shampoo will prolong the freshness of your hair, and balm will make your strands more manageable and healthy, you are mistaken. This method will dry out the scalp. Apply the optimal amount, but wash your hair twice.


4. Apply the conditioner to the entire hair

This product is intended only to moisturise and nourish the lengths, not to cleanse the area at the roots. In addition, applying conditioner and balm to the scalp will cause it to become quickly dirty.


5. Excessive combing

Hair is very elastic when it is wet, so it is a big mistake to comb it during or immediately after washing. You will face the problem of split ends and frizzy curls.


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