"5 lives in one": Dolph Lundgren admits he's been fighting cancer for years and is stunned by doctor's verdict

The star has a young lover

For the first time, the American actor and action star of the 90s, Dolph Lundgren, admitted that in 2015 he received a disappointing diagnosis. Eight years ago, doctors found a tumour in the celebrity's kidney. At the time, doctors said that if the star was operated on urgently, the disease would recede. But despite the successful procedure, the cancer returned in 2020.

According to the Daily Mail, Lundgren himself suggests that steroids he took in his youth are to blame for his illness. During the next check-up, the specialist shocked the actor and his entire family by saying that Dolph had a maximum of two to three years to live (to see the photo, scroll to the end).

"The doctors removed one tumour, then two more and after a while three more small ones. In 2020, I returned to Sweden and had an MRI. They found that several tumours had formed around the operated area," the celebrity said.


The 65-year-old recalled that after the verdict, doctors began advising him to spend more time with his family and take a break from his career. According to him, he does not feel sad because he has lived an incredibly rich and interesting life.

"I asked him (the specialist - ed.): "How long do you think I have left?" and I think he answered: "Two or three years," but I could tell from his voice that it was less. You look at your life and think, I've had a damn fine life. I've lived like five lives in one. So I don't feel sad," the man said.


Also in 2020, it became known that the Hollywood actor started an affair with 25-year-old fitness trainer Emma Crockdahl, who is the same age as his eldest daughter Ida. They met in 2019 at the gym. A year later, the couple announced their engagement.


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