5 anti-age techniques in clothes that help you look younger: take an example from the stars 50+. Photo

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Celebrities are not afraid to wear things in bright colors.

Style has no age. So every woman can dress the way she wants, whether she's 30+, 40+ or 50+. And some stars also know how to refresh your look and emphasize your figure.

We tell you in the article OBOZREVATEL, what things should have ladies who want to look noble and young. Photos of celebrities will be a visual guide to style.

1. Wear light-colored clothes

To look younger than their age, celebrities add to their arsenals of clothes with things in white or pastel colors. This little trick helps create elegant and sophisticated looks. The 65-year-old Sharon Stone knows about it. She "rejuvenates" her appearance not through plastic surgery, but precisely through competent creation of outfits.


2. Choose a bright color

As they age, many women prefer dark-colored clothing. Why? Because it is practical. Plus they are convinced that bright colors give the image of non-seriousness and infantilism. It's all a stereotype. Feel free to add new colors to your closet. Bright things refresh the tone of your face and body skin, and emphasize the color of your hair. A good example of this is the successful experiments of 55-year-old Nicole Kidman.


3. Look for a current cut

To look modern, it is not necessary to chase trends. It is enough to "catch" the principle on which they are based. Pay attention to the cut, fit and length of things that are in fashion now - and be guided by this. For example, wear a jacket-over-size, not a narrow cut, and elegant palazzo - instead of traditional pants. Check out how Jennifer Lopez, 53, keeps up with the trends.


4. Accentuate your figure

Forget about shapeless dresses. In any age and with any figure, you should be able to choose things that will emphasize certain parts. For example, to emphasize the waist, choose fitted dresses and shirts, high-waisted pants and a belt. Necklines accentuate the swan neck and dainty shoulders. Julia Roberts, 55, most often emphasizes the waist and long legs, and does it quite skillfully.


5. Don't limit yourself to things made of cotton

You will look younger if you are not afraid to experiment with clothes made of different materials. We are talking about leather, silk, organza, lace, etc. They look great on women of all ages. For example, try choosing a voluminous leather coat instead of a classic coat. Your usual look will change dramatically. The 56-year-old Salma Hayek mostly chooses things made of silk and satin, and less often leather, linen and cotton.


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