4 make-up techniques that are outdated: these mistakes should be avoided. Photo.

Some make-up techniques are outdated

Every season, the beauty industry introduces new trends and defines anti-trends in makeup, so some makeup solutions that were at their peak recently may already look outdated. This applies to too dense a tone, bright contouring and other techniques.

The make-up that celebrities have been sporting recently will now look dirty, as the trend for naturalness and naturalness has come into fashion. Polish magazine Kobieta has named 4 popular mistakes to avoid (scroll to the bottom of the page to see photos).

Graphic eyebrows

The trend for perfectly straight and graphic eyebrows is still fresh in our minds, but it lost its relevance a few seasons ago. The clear contour, ombre transition and sharp tip are a thing of the past, and today natural and slightly tousled eyebrows are popular.


Bright contouring

The bad news for beauties who have bought up highlighter and bronzer in all shades is that bright contouring is no longer in fashion. Clear cheekbones and shiny cheeks will look stylish only if nature has rewarded you with it. All the "artificial" features will be conspicuous and give off a bad taste.


Long and thick eyelashes

It would seem that thick black eyelashes will only enhance the face, and this is actually true when it comes to artificial eyelashes or unnatural extensions. Some beauties overuse mascara, so their lashes stick together and fall off under the weight of cosmetics, which also does not add to their beauty.


Dense tone

As already mentioned, natural beauty with individual features is in fashion this year. Scars, freckles, moles, wrinkles and blush no longer need to be hidden behind several layers of foundation. Minor imperfections or bruises under the eyes can be covered with concealer, but it is better not to overuse it either. Every person is beautiful and unique, so beauty should only be emphasised, not changed in pursuit of trends.


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