Putin orders to turn Far East lands into soybean fields for China

Putin aims to feed China with soya
Putin aims to feed China with soya

Russia is moving ever closer to becoming a colony of China. Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has called for soybeans to be planted in the Russian Far East to be shipped to China.

The Kremlin's master gave this order to the governor of the Amur region, Vasily Orlov, according to Russian media. For some reason, Putin did not suggest using the same land for the benefit of Russians, but he did not forget to mention the "friendly relations of a strategic nature" between China and Russia.

"Our friends in China are very friendly to our soybean producers, in this sense, they are ready to accept a very large number of supplies... This is simply beneficial for our partners. And it is beneficial for us," Putin said.

Orlov, in turn, boasted of a record soybean harvest in the Amur region in 2022. This year, he promised to "increase the results".

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the head of the United States intelligence agency (CIA) William Burns called the efforts of Russian President Vladimir Putin "a huge strategic failure for Russia". According to Burns, Putin has helped to strengthen the Western coalition in support of Ukraine and may eventually make Russia an economic colony of China.

Burns said that Russia is becoming dependent on China for exports of "energy resources and raw materials". And the Russia-China alliance is rapidly becoming unbalanced and is a potential geopolitical problem for Putin, who risks becoming overly dependent on a foreign player.

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