Sergei Sivokho

Sergei Sivokho

Advisor to the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council
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Short biography

SerhiyAnatolievych Sivokho is a Ukrainian artist, adviser to the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council on the reintegration and restoration of Donbas.

Brief biography of Sergei Sivokho

Sergei Sivokho was born in Donbass, Donetsk, February 8, 1969.

He studied at a music school, in his school years he learned to be an automobile mechanic-driver.

Sergei Sivokho received his higher education first at the Polytechnic Institute of Donetsk, which he graduated as a metallurgical engineer, and the second higher education - at the Institute of Entrepreneurship, similarly in Donetsk.

Sergey Sivokho started his media career on the stage of KVN. He performed in the composition of such teams as DPI, Team of the XX century and "Dream-Team". He was the author of the first musical parodies on the big stage of KVN.

Sergei Sivokho continued his career on television, starring in a number of different entertainment shows, among which it should be noted separately:

  • "Once a Week";

  • "Show weevils";

  • "My House on the Edge";

  • "Ripped from the Crowd";

  • "What? Where? When?" - led the team of the TV channel "Inter";

  • "Hidden Camera " - on "1+1 " and on STS.

In early elections to the Ukrainian Parliament, which took place in 2019, Sergei Sivokho was elected as a majoritarian from the political force "Servant of the people", but lost the election in his district.

In October 2019, Serhiy Sivokho was appointed advisor to the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC).

Serhiy Sivokho and "Kvartal 95"

In 2015, Sergei Sivokho joined the studio "Kvartal 95". As one of the jury members and coaches, he starred in the first three seasons of the show "Liga Laugha", after which he was forced to take a break for health reasons, but returned to the coaching chair in the fifth season of "Liga Laugha".

Sergei Sivokho is the creative producer of "Kvartal 95".

Personal life of Sergei Sivokho

The actor is married. Sergei Sivokho's wife is Tatiana. The couple has a son, Savva.

Fight during the presentation of the reconciliation platform

On March 12, Sivokho presented the National platform of reconciliation and unity in Kiev. in addition to journalists and veterans of the war in Donbass, who are now members of the National Corps, came to the event. A serious altercation arose between the nationalists and Sivokho, during which one of the veterans, Serhiy Tamarin, accused Sivokho of betrayal because he did not call Russia guilty of the war in Donbas.

As a result, the presentation was disrupted and Sivokho was pushed out of the hall. In the midst of the altercation, one of the participants of the conflict pushed Sivokho in the back and he fell.

Online activity

  • Facebook. On the official page of Sergei Sivokho in the social network Facebook is signed by seventeen thousand regular users.

  • Instagram. The appearance of fresh photos of Sergei Sivokho in Instagram is followed by more than fourteen thousand subscribers.

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