Kateryna Tishkevych

Kateryna Tishkevych

Ukrainian actress
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Short biography

Kateryna Igorevna Tishkevych is a Ukrainian actress and model.

Brief biography

Katya Tishkevich was born on September 18, 1994 in Kiev.

She received her higher education at the Kiev Theater University named after Karpenko-Kary. Karpenko-Kary. About the fact that she wants to become an actress, Catherine admitted to her parents at the age of 10 years. They immediately supported her and sent her to the theater studio.

Tishkevich also tried to work in the modeling business. She won the contest "Mini Miss Pearl of the South" in Odessa.

Was the host of the program "Only for Girls" on one of the Odessa TV channels.

Professional debut took place in her student years, when Katya got her first role in the theater play "In Search of Joy". On stage she played Alenka - a negative character.

In the movie began to appear since 2013. Already in 2015, she received her first major role in the series "Immortal".

Among the famous works of the actress - "Nothing Happens Twice", "Female Doctor", "Deceive Yourself".


Tishkevich said that she suffered for years because of constant headaches, which eventually led to her being bedridden in 2022. For a long time doctors were unable to determine the cause of the illness, but eventually diagnosed Ekaterina with a functional brain debris that causes somatomorphic headaches. The cause of the ailment was attributed to a problem with disrupted brain biochemistry caused by birth trauma.

In December 2023, it became known that the actress is in intensive care in Odessa.

Personal life

Ekaterina is married to actor Valentin Tomusiak.

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