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"The Golden Globes" has come to an end, and now we can think of another celebration, though not so large-scale, but rather personal. Today is Jim Carrey's 49th birthday.

James Eugene Currie was born January 17 in Newmarket, Canada, to Kathleen and Percy Currie. Kathleen was a singer and then, after marriage, became a homemaker. Daddy played the saxophone and made his money as an accountant. Soon, however, financial problems began in the family, and the family had to move to Scarsborough. There Jim's parents began working at an auto parts factory, and the children did all the housework. Later, the family moved to Burlington, where Jim studied, worked in a steel mill, and also played in the Spoons, a band he created.

But the Spoons were not Jim's first creative experience. Even in his early childhood he felt a taste for acting (or, to be more exact, for parodies). He magically parodied famous characters, which delighted his whole family.

His father decided to arrange a performance for Jim in one of the comedy clubs in Toronto, but it was a failure - after that, the poor guy never went on stage for two years.

And yet he decided to perform again - but in another place. And then his number was well received. By the early 1980s, Curry became a star of the Toronto comedy scene. Soon he decided to move to Los Angeles. In one of the clubs he was noticed by Rodney Dangerfield, at that time already very famous comedian. He offered the talented guy to "warm up" the audience before his performances.

Jim was becoming more and more popular. Television also did not spare him any attention. However, in some projects, he was not taken. For example, in the early 1980s, he was not cast in "Saturday Night Live" as well as in the picture "The Capital Taxi Drivers. But since 1983, he still began to film - at first, however, in the Canadian films. But, it should be noted, they are well known to fans of laughs. This is, for example, "Mountain Cooper" and "Rubber Face. And in 1984, Kerry was also taken in the American TV series "Duck Factory.

"Rubber Face.

"Mount Coopper."

"Duck Factory."

In 1985, Kerry got his first starring role in an American film - it was the comedy "Once Bitten." This is a story about a boy virgin, which, because of his purity has laid eyes on the vampire. But she is only interested in him as long as he is immaculate - the blood of virgins helps her to keep young. Upon learning of this, the hero's girlfriend decides to save him. For this "delicious" (as they claimed the creators), the comedy followed "Peggy Sue gets married" and "Game of Death" by Buddy Van Horn, starring Clint Eastwood. Later, Curry still worked with Van Horn and Eastwood on the 1989 film "Pink Cadillac."

"Once Bitten."

"Peggy Sue Getting Married."

In 1988, Curry played an alien in "Earth Girls Are Easy to Reach," and since 1990 he has been a member of the TV show "In Bright Colors." In general, in the 1990s, the young artist's career developed more than rapidly.

"Earth Girls Are Easily Available."

1993-q and 1994-q brought Kerry roles that made him famous all over the world - the work in the movie "Ace Ventura: Wanted Pets," "Mask" and "Dumb and Dumber". Today it is already a classic of American comedy.

"Ace Ventura: Pet Hunting."

"The Mask."

"Dumb and Dumber."

By the way, "The Mask" was originally conceived as a horror film. But then it became a real film benefit for Jim Carrey. For this work, the actor was nominated for a Golden Globe. But his Ace Ventura critics rated much lower - he received a nomination for the "Golden Raspberry". But at the box office, the film was a runaway success, and Empire magazine included Ace in the 100 immortal characters. By the way, the image of his character (including his hair), Jim fully thought himself. Moreover, he also helped in writing the script. The success with the audience was incredible, so it is not surprising that the creators released a sequel in 1995. This is, incidentally, the only sequel in which Kerry himself starred - he does not have the habit of "bringing his characters to life". It has often been done for him by other actors. Much less successfully than Jim himself, of course.

Also in 1995, released on the screens Joel Schumacher movie "Batman Forever," where Curry played the villain Riddler, Mystery Man. Critics again did not appreciate the film, but the image of Jim was glorious, and the audience brought the picture a good box office.

"Batman Forever.

In 1997, Jim played in the comedy Ben Stiller's "Cable Guy. With each new role, Jim showed the audience that he can not only laugh. Thus, his Riddler from "Batman..." and Chip Douglas from "The Cable Guy" was already frankly scary. By the way, "The Cable Guy" was the first film for which Jim was paid $20 million, a record sum at the time for a comedic actor.

"The Cable Guy."

In 1997, Curry gave up his role as Dr. Evil in "Austin Powers" for another job, the comedy "Liar, Liar," where he played a fine lawyer who, because of his incredible busyness, can't spend much time with his son. And then one day the kid makes a wish that his dad would stop lying. And he does stop...

"Liar, liar."

"Liar, Liar" was praised not only by audiences but also by critics, and Kerry was even nominated again for a Golden Globe. And it was more than deserved - Jim sought to make the film as realistic as possible. So much so that he even banged his head on the toilet to record the sound, which was then needed to voice the corresponding scene.

In the late 1990′s, Jim went straight into an important case: he decided to prove that he could play not only a little crazy eccentric characters, but also serious dramatic roles. The fruit of his labors are the magnificent roles in Peter Weir ("The Truman Show") and Milos Forman ("Man on the Moon"). Incidentally, they say Kerry took his task so seriously that on the set of "The Truman Show," it was even forbidden to mention lines from his previous film work. "The Truman Show" brought Jim his first big award - the Golden Globe again. He had been nominated before, but had never won one.

"The Truman Show."

The legendary Milos Forman considered a myriad of popular Hollywood actors - Sean Penn, Edward Norton, Kevin Spacey - for the role of comedian Andy Kaufman. But after watching Kerry's audition, immediately decided that Andy is the best actor to play. When it became known that the role went to him, many fans of Kaufman were against it. Musician Michael Stipe even phoned the director, persuading him to give up Jim. He was sure that Jim would not be able to cast all his tricks, which are peculiar to him, but not to Andy. But Kerry could. And not just do it - for the time of shooting it was like he really turned into Andy. Getting ready to start the process of filming, he thoroughly studied the biography and records with Kaufman, talked a long time with his friends ... By the beginning of work on "Man on the Moon", he really changed - even asked during the filming to call him Andy, not Jim. This rule was followed for three months the entire team, even Forman.

Jim managed to get as much of Andy's character as possible. By the way, these two artists were born under the same star - on the same day, January 17, but with a difference of 13 years.

"Man on the Moon".

Jim Kaufman's role was 100% successful - he again won a Golden Globe Award, the tape itself won a prize at the Berlin Film Festival. But at the box office, the picture did not pay off. Viewers brought in just 47 million at the box office, while the budget was 82. And yet, the role of Kaufman is still considered one of the best in Curry's career.

Despite his luck in dramas, Jim decided to return to the comedy, and his fans missed the eccentric Curry. Thus, in 2000, the picture came out "Me, Myself and Irene again," where Jim and Renée Zellweger was able to create a very funny duet.

"Me, Myself and Irene again".

Carrey's next job was a role in the Ron Howard film "The Grinch - The Christmas Snatcher. Critics did not particularly like the film (as evidenced by the two nominations for the "Golden Raspberry"), however, all appreciated Jim's game - he was again nominated for the Golden Globe. He was nominated again for a Golden Globe Award, which was well deserved, especially because he had to put up with a lot, such as the uncomfortable makeup, which took hours to put on and take off.

"The Grinch - The Christmas Kidnapper."

In 2001, Carrey played in the melodrama Frank Darabont ("Escape from Shawshank," "The Green Mile") "Majestic" - he got the role of Hollywood screenwriter, who lost his memory and found himself in a small California town. There he was mistaken for a missing WWII hero, and he himself believed it, fell in love, and began to restore the local cinema. But, of course, the truth sooner or later always comes out.

The film, however, was crushed by critics, and the audience was not thrilled with it either - it did not collect at the box office more than half of its own budget.


2003 brought Jim the role of ... God. Well, that is, not really a god, but a temporary performer of his duties as TV host Bruce Nolan in the movie "Bruce Almighty". They say Kerry acted like a hero during filming - he saved his Jennifer Aniston from a falling light faucet.

"Bruce Almighty."

In 2004, Kerry starred in Michel Gondry's drama "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." It's a truly mesmeric picture - both for Kerry himself, who was finally able to play a non-comical loser, and for the other members of the crew, including his partner Kate Winslet. First of all, the actors, despite the fact that the script was written for quite some time and every scene was polished, were given creative freedom. So much so that they could even move as they wished (the director did not direct the actors in the frame, but the cameramen). In addition, the film is a lot of improvisation. For example, in the scene where Clementine (Winslet) suddenly disappears, Joel (Kerry) terrified. The actor was indeed perplexed, as the director without his knowledge suddenly "removed" Kate Winslet from the frame.

"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind."

This scene is also a improvisation. Kate just saw a parade of elephants and ran out into the street. She was followed by
followed by the crew.

The picture and the lead actor have been nominated for many awards. In particular, Jim was nominated for a BAFTA and a Golden Globe, but none of them, alas, the actor did not receive.

In 2004 and 2005, Carrey has created two very different images - a vain and mercantile Count in the film "Lemony Snicket: 33 misfortunes" and suddenly bankrupt father of the family in the comedy "swindlers Dick and Jane.

"Lemony Snicket: 33 Misfortunes."

Kerry's next work was the thriller "Fatal Number 23." True, critics didn't particularly appreciate it - Jim was even nominated for a Golden Raspberry.

"Fatal Number 23.

Then Jim played in the comedy "Always Say Yes!" By the way, with his young partner in that film, Zooey Deschanel, Jim was born on the same day, that is, today. So happy birthday to her as well.

"Always say yes!"

In 2009, two movies starring Jim hit the world screens. First, "A Christmas Story," an animated film by Robert Zemeckis. Jim played there the main role, as well as most of the other roles (including the ghosts). Well, secondly, the picture "I love you, Phillip Morris." And that movie deserves special attention.

"A Christmas Story."

The film is based on Steve McVicker's book "I Love You Phillip Morris: The True Story of Life, Love and Prison Escapes," a biography of the famous American conman Stephen Russell. Stephen is gay, and in order to support himself now and then arranges a variety of small and not so small scams. But the joys of life as a con man ended for him when he was imprisoned. But in prison Russell met his true love, Phillip Morris (Ewan McGregor). They were released and lived "happily ever after. Though, hand on heart, not for very long - until Steven orchestrated another big con.

"I love you, Phillip Morris!"

Kerry and McGregor played the lovebirds superbly. But for a long time the tape had problems with distribution - it was considered too explicit. But, nevertheless, the picture still burst into cinemas worldwide.

Throughout all the years that Jim has boiled work, and his personal life boiled. He first married a waitress in 1987, the club where he played. They soon had a daughter, Jane. By the way, last year, Jane Curry herself has become a mother, and Jim, respectively, a grandfather.

Jim's first marriage fell apart eight years later. In 1996, Curry married actress Lauren Holly, but their union lasted even less than a year. More the actor did not propose. At least for now.

Since 2005, Jim has been dating Jenny McCarthy (it was in her bathing suit that he once paraded on the beach). However, this year, Jim and Jenny broke up. Fortunately, the separation only lasted a few months - now they are back together again.

Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey

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