Alexander Kovalenko

Alexander Kovalenko

Military and political observer of the Information Resistance group
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Alexander Ivanovich Kovalenko. Born on December 15, 1981 in Odessa. Graduated from the Popov Academy of Communications in Odessa. Popov. Since 2014, he has been actively involved in countering Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

He is a military and political observer of the Information Resistance group. Leading expert at the Dmitriy Timchuk Ukrainian Center for Security Studies. Author of several monographs: 11 Days without Putin and Information Warfare Standing Alone. Co-author of the monograph "Strategic Communications in Hybrid War: A View from Volunteer to Scientist.

Evil Odessit is a Ukrainian political and economic blogger.

Evil Odessit - who is he

Evil Odessit - aka Alexander Kovalenko, a popular Ukrainian blogger. He touches on a wide range of news in his materials. He writes about economic news, Russia's endless problems and major defeats, the war in eastern Ukraine, and international politics. The angry Odessa resident regularly raises Ukrainian social and political issues, discusses the situation in both the annexed Crimea and the occupied territories of Donbass.

Blog and other online activity

In addition to the main blog in Zhzhzh (LiveJournal) and the author's page on OBOZREVATEL, Evil Odessa also has a page on Instagram with 112 subscribers, an account on Facebook with 18 thousand friends, on Twitter (almost 30 thousand readers) and a channel on YouTube, to which about ten thousand people are subscribed.

Breaking news.

Angry Odessa became popular due to his coverage of such key issues as the destruction of the Crimean bridge and problems during its construction. In particular, he dealt in detail with the problem of landslides in the area where the occupants were building the crossing.

He mocked in detail the failed attempts at import substitution in the Russian Federation, giving reasonable examples of why the Kremlin's attempts to counter European and U.S. sanctions are doomed to fail.

His piece about the economic losses suffered by Russia as a result of the seizure of Ukrainian warships in the Black Sea gathered almost 150,000 views.

The blogger analyzed in detail the causes and consequences of the economic pressure of the EU and the U.S. on Russia.

At the same time, he criticized the Ukrainian media for their pro-Russian stance and accused them of playing along with the Russian special services and trying to help the Kremlin influence the presidential elections in Ukraine. He also accused the OSCE of planting fake information that played into the hands of the Russian Federation in its war against Ukraine.

Thanks to such a wide range of topics, the blog of the Evil Odessit is popular on the Internet, attracting the attention of hundreds of thousands of users.

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