"We have to assume": NATO says it needs to strengthen defenses and prepare for Russian attacks - The Times

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NATO says it needs to prepare for Russian attacks

The North Atlantic Alliance realizes that it has limited time to prepare for a future confrontation with Russia if it dares to attack its borders. But they hope to strengthen their defense in the coming months, in particular by agreeing on a "military Schengen" system.

The Times writes about this, emphasizing the West's concern that against the background or after the war against Ukraine, the Russian terrorist state may encroach on the security of European countries. As a result, NATO will have to prepare for possible attacks on targets, for example, in Germany.

This concern was voiced by Lieutenant General Alexander Sollfrank, commander of the NATO Military Logistics Center in Germany. In his opinion, the Alliance should already simplify bureaucratic procedures to further facilitate the transfer of troops and equipment.

Moreover, he says, NATO member states should be allowed to use each other's military equipment and supplies in times of crisis.

"If we compare the war and operations of ten or five years ago, we will realize that we have to recognize that there will be a tough fight for the rear areas. We have to assume that the aggressor will use the full range of kinetic and non-kinetic force to disrupt lines of communication, particularly in the rear," Sollfrank explained.

The publication added: NATO knows that it has a limited time to strengthen its defense. Therefore, they hope that member states will still be able to agree on a "military Schengen" system before the summit in Washington, thanks to which military convoys will be able to move freely through the Alliance.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, according to ISW analysts, the Kremlin continues to create information conditions for future aggression against NATO members. The other day, Russian dictator Putin accused the Baltic states of embracing "Nazism" at a time when Moscow is allegedly fighting against it by waging war in Ukraine.

The commander of the Estonian Defense Forces, Martin Herem, has previously admitted that NATO had underestimated Russia's ability to produce ammunition and recruit military personnel. Therefore, they expect the Kremlin to continue its long-term war against Ukraine and do not rule out its possible attack on the Alliance.

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