Spain confiscates €60 million worth of gold artifacts stolen from Ukraine: thieves detained. Photos and videos

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Spain seizes ancient gold artifacts stolen from Ukraine

Ancient gold jewelry from the Greco-Scythian period stolen in Ukraine was seized in Spain. The value of the artifacts is 60 million euros.

This is reported by the British news agency Reuters, citing a report by the Spanish police. It is noted that law enforcement officers detained the thieves on an attempt to sell the artifacts in Madrid.

Spanish police reported that the 11 items seized from the attackers, mostly jewelry, including elaborate necklaces, bracelets and earrings, date back to the Greco-Scythian period between the eighth and fourth centuries BC.

The artifacts were exhibited in a Kyiv museum in 2009-2013 and were illegally taken out of Ukraine in 2016, according to a statement from the Madrid National Police. The police did not specify which museum they were exhibits of.

According to law enforcement officials, the artifacts had forged documents claiming that they allegedly belonged to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

It is also noted that three Spanish citizens and two Ukrainian citizens were arrested as part of the investigation. The investigation began in 2021 after one of the items, a golden belt with rams' heads, was sold at a private sale in Madrid.


As a reminder, the Scythian Gold collection, which was exhibited in a museum in the Netherlands when Russia occupied Ukrainian Crimea in 2014, will soon return to Ukraine. The court battles over the artifacts lasted almost nine years.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, in April 2022, the occupiers stole Scythian gold in the occupied Melitopol. The stolen collection was found in the 1950s.

An international group of scientists and digital technology experts said that such actions by the aggressor country were not random looting, but a deliberate strategy.

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