Russia will be a threat to the West for many years to come, we need to prepare for it - US General Cavoli

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General Cavoli assessed the threat to NATO from Russia. Source: U.S. Army Europe and Africa / Facebook

Regardless of how the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine ends, Moscow will be a threat to Western countries for many years to come. Moreover, the United States and Europe will face an even angrier and stronger Russia than it is now.

This was stated by the Commander of NATO's forces in Europe, General Christopher Cavoli, at the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris, National Defense reports. He noted that Russia's defeat in Ukraine is very important, but Moscow has armed forces that are "rebuilding much faster than we could have imagined."

According to Cavoli, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is convinced that NATO is Russia's enemy. Therefore, the Kremlin will blame the North Atlantic Alliance and Ukraine's allies for its own defeats.

"So, we are going to have a big Russia problem for years, and I think we have to prepare for that," Cavoli said.

The general also mentioned Putin's recent visit to the DPRK and the strengthening of alliances with China and Iran, which supplies the occupiers with attack drones and possibly other weapons.

According to Cavoli, the unification of the four nations "is profoundly disturbing, and it’s going to create a much more complex set of issues for us as a nation, the United States, the alliance and for freedom-loving people, everyone."

The American general noted that if a war breaks out, it is likely to last a long time, and NATO must be prepared for it. It is necessary to reach a higher level of arms production and have sufficient stocks.

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