"Russia is a terrorist state": Czech Foreign Minister called Lavrov a clown and said a tribunal was inevitable

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Petr Pavel, Sergey Lavrov

Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipovsky called his Russian counterpart, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, a clown. He also reminded the Russian ruling elite of the inevitability of a tribunal for Russia's numerous war crimes in Ukraine.

This was Lipovsky's reaction to Lavrov's critical comments about Czech President Petr Pavel. The corresponding comment appeared on Twitter of the head of the Czech foreign ministry.

"Lavrov's clownish statements about our president, Petro Pavel, are laughable. Russia is a terrorist state, and its leadership will face an international tribunal," Lipavsky wrote.


The Czech Foreign Minister did not specify which of Lavrov's statements caused his indignation. It is possible that he was referring to a recent statement by the Russian foreign minister on the Czech president's position on the possible role of China as an intermediary between Russia and Ukraine in the "peace talks. According to Lavrov, Pavel's words are "inconsistent with political norms."

"These are the kind of statements that have nothing to do with the work of a normal political figure," Lavrov noted, a well-known "expert" on "political norms."

Lavrov's hysterical commentary was triggered by the Czech president's statement that China could hardly be a neutral mediator between Russia and Ukraine, because Beijing would benefit from continuing the war as a way to further subjugate Russia to China's political influence.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote that Lavrov at a meeting of the UN Security Council, which is currently chaired by Russia, accused the United States of destroying globalization and called the West a "minority", and also again hinted at nuclear confrontation and talked about a "coup d'etat" in Ukraine and "the Nazi ruling regime in Kyiv".

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