Russia can repair or produce up to 150 tanks per month, more than Europe - Latvian Defense Ministry

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Latvian Defense Ministry assesses Russia's tank production capabilities

In one month, the aggressor country Russia can manufacture or repair an average of 100 to 150 tanks. In this regard, Moscow surpasses European states.

State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense of Latvia Jānis Garisons said this at the Riga Security Forum on Wednesday, December 13, Delfi reports. He said that this figure is "much higher" than Europe can do.

According to him, logistics and speed of delivery play an important role in this matter. Harrisons noted that "the winner is the one who is able to provide greater efficiency of military equipment and weapons."

The official said that victory requires a military industrial base, which the European Union can still increase.

"We can increase the number of soldiers, but we need weapons, tanks and other things that are not yet available in the quantities to meet the needs," Harrisons said.

Earlier, Ukraine assessed Russia's weapons stockpiles and spoke about their production. According to the Main Directorate of Intelligence, Russia continues to manufacture attack UAVs and missiles. Despite the critical lack of modern technologies, such as microchips and chips, Moscow still has some capabilities to produce this type of weapon.

However, the situation with armored vehicles in the Russian army is more complicated. Although Russia constantly boasts about the production of new equipment, it is mainly about the decommissioning and modernization of samples from existing stocks.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, NATO has a strategy to ensure the security of Latvia and other Baltic countries from a potential Russian attack. The Alliance will not wait until Moscow recovers from its defeat in Ukraine, but is already developing plans to protect every meter of its territory.

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