"Putin should be stopped 500 kilometers away": Polish Foreign Minister says he would not be surprised by Russia's attack

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Poland assesses the possibility of a Russian attack. Source: RosZmі

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski assessed the possibility of an attack on his country by the aggressor state of Russia. He believes that, given the history, such an option cannot be ruled out and it would not be surprising, but it is better to stop Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in Ukraine.

In an interview with Bild, the Polish foreign minister said that Moscow must be stopped, otherwise it will come to war with NATO countries. If Russia attacks Poland, it will definitely lose, he said.

"Over the 500 years of our history, Russia has attacked Poland many times. We would not be surprised at all. Russia would lose because we, as the West, are much stronger than it," Sikorski emphasized.

The minister believes that by seizing Ukraine, the Russian occupiers will only strengthen their capabilities for further conquests. Putin will become a stronger and bigger challenge for Poland than it is now, so it is better to stop him "500-700 kilometers to the east of us," the Polish Foreign Minister said.

"We have a choice: either a defeated Russian army outside Ukraine or a victorious Russian army on the border with Poland. And then Putin will do what Hitler did with Czechoslovakia: he will take the industry and people of Ukraine and mobilize them to go further," the head of Polish diplomacy emphasized.

Sikorsky also spoke about the possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons. According to him, Putin will not be able to decide on a nuclear strike on his own. The use of nuclear weapons must be agreed upon by the Russian Defense Ministry and the General Staff, and it is not certain that the generals of the aggressor country will go along with it.

However, at this stage, there are no signs of a nuclear threat from Russia.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, Poland noted that Ukraine should take the initiative in the issue of returning Ukrainians liable for military service. In general, Warsaw perceives this issue as "ethically ambiguous."

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