Polish Sejm honors victims of Russian aggression and calls on NATO countries to speed up aid to Ukraine

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Polish Sejm adopts resolution in support of Ukraine

On Thursday, February 22, the Sejm of Poland honored the memory of the victims of Russian aggression in the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine and thanked the Ukrainian people for their courage and bravery. The lower house of the Polish parliament has adopted a resolution in support of Ukraine.

This was reported by the Polish edition of pap.pl. It is noted that the resolution was adopted by acclamation.

"Joining the pain of the families who lost loved ones during the fighting, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland pays tribute to all the soldiers who died defending Ukraine and the civilians killed. Realizing that Ukraine is not only defending its borders but also deterring Russian imperialism, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland thanks the Ukrainian people and the part of the international community that supports its defense efforts for their courage and bravery," the document says.

In the resolution, the Sejm of Poland condemned Russia's actions and called on the International Criminal Court to bring to justice all those responsible for war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine.

"On the second anniversary of the brutal attack of the Russian Federation on Ukraine, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland condemns the actions of the Russian authorities and appeals to the International Criminal Court to bring to justice those responsible for all war crimes committed against the Ukrainian people," the resolution reads.

The Sejm deputies also noted that the fate of Poland and Europe depends on the fate of Ukraine today. They appealed to the governments of NATO and the European Union to strengthen their support for Ukraine, in particular, to ensure the speedy delivery of military equipment and ammunition.

The Polish Parliament expressed special gratitude to the Poles who have helped and continue to help Ukrainians.

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