Israeli military base withstands Iranian strike and remains operational. Video

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Israel repels massive Iranian air attack. Source: MEDIA

On the night of April 14, Iran attacked Israel, launching about 300 different air means. 99% of them were intercepted by air defense systems, but several Iranian ballistic missiles reached the Israeli Nevatim air base in the south of the country.

Israeli Defense Forces called the damage to the facility's infrastructure "insignificant", which was confirmed by a video of a fifth-generation F-35 fighter jet landing on the undamaged runway of the Nevatim airbase. This was reported by The Times of Israel with reference to IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari.

After Iran's nighttime attack on Israel, during which several Iranian missiles managed to reach Nevatim airbase, breaking through air defence, the IDF said that the facility's infrastructure suffered "minor damage." As of the morning of April 14, Hagari assured that the air base was operating normally. He also published live footage from Nevatim showing an F-35 fighter jet landing on the base's undamaged runway.

"As you can see, the base is functioning and continues to fulfill its tasks. The video shows the runway in Nevatim," Hagari commented on the video.

According to the IDF spokesman, by striking the airbase, Iran sought to weaken Israel's air power, failing to achieve this.

"Iran thought it would be able to paralyze the base and thus damage our air capabilities, but it failed. Air Force aircraft continue to take off and land from the base, as well as depart for offensive and defensive missions, including Adir (F-35) aircraft, which are now returning from a mission to defend the base, and you will soon see them land," Hagari emphasized.

In total, he said, Iran used about 300 air means against Israel at night. Israeli air defense and several of its allies managed to intercept 99% of them.

Thus, during the attack, Iran launched 170 kamikaze drones, none of which reached Israeli territory as they were all destroyed outside the country by both Israeli air defense forces and its allies.

Not a single one of the 30 Iranian cruise missiles reached Israel: 25 of them were destroyed by Israeli air defense.

Iran also used 120 ballistic missiles during the attack. The vast majority were destroyed by the Arrow long-range air defense system, but several missiles managed to bypass the defense and reached the Nevatim air base.

Late in the evening of April 13, it became known that Iran had openly attacked Israel by launching Shahed drones and missiles. The attack, which is called "unprecedented" both in terms of the number of weapons used and the fact that Iran attacked Israel directly, rather than through its proxies, for the first time in 40 years, caused civilian casualties. According to the Israeli National Emergency Medical Services, 31 people received medical care. There are also reports of two wounded children and three seriously injured as a result of the fire in the Sharon medical center.

After the attack, the US Congress called for a strike against Iran, and the UN Security Council will hold an emergency meeting. Meanwhile, Israel itself is preparing a response to the attack.

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