Finland has launched a preliminary investigation against Russian militant Petrovsky, who killed Ukrainian prisoners of war

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Finland launches investigation of Vojislav Torden, suspected of war crimes in Ukraine

The Central Criminal Police of Finland has launched an investigation against Vojislav Torden (Jan Petrovsky), one of the leaders of the Rusich group, who is suspected of committing war crimes in Ukraine. Earlier, Helsinki refused to extradite him to Ukraine.

This was reported by the local edition of Yle with reference to the words of Deputy Prosecutor General Jukka Rappe. The preliminary investigation is being conducted under the supervision of the Prosecutor General's Office of Finland.

"The Central Criminal Police is currently studying the materials that Ukraine sent to Finland. The material contains arguments about why Ukraine believes Torden should be extradited. The material probably also contains justifications for why the man is suspected of terrorist crimes in Ukraine. The same material is now available to the Prosecutor General's Office," the statement said.

Finland has launched a preliminary investigation against Russian militant Petrovsky, who killed Ukrainian prisoners of war

Early next week, Jukka Rappe may decide whether to launch an investigation against the war criminal. According to the country's law, an alleged crime committed abroad can be investigated in Finland if it is appropriate "in the interests of the investigation and the administration of justice."

However, such an investigation would still be exceptional as the potential suspect is not a Finnish citizen and the alleged crime was committed outside the country.

Currently, Vojislav Torden is in the custody of the Finnish Border Guard.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

- The Supreme Court of Finland has refused to extradite one of the former commanders of the sabotage and assault reconnaissance group Rusich, Voislav Torden, who killed and tortured captured Ukrainian soldiers, to Ukraine. According to the Finnish judges, the war criminal could allegedly face "a threat to human dignity" in Ukraine.

- Later, the Finnish Border Guard detained Torden. Ukraine then reacted to this. It was also reported that he was likely to be kicked out from Finland.

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