Zelenskyi on strengthening air defense: 2024 should be the year when Ukraine removes Russia from its airspace

Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense will safeguard our skies

Since 2022, Ukraine has liberated more than half of the territory occupied by Russia. In 2023, Ukraine expelled the Russian fleet from most of the Black Sea. 2024 should be the year when Ukraine throws Russia out of its sky.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyi made this statement via his X (formerly Twitter) account. He traditionally thanked the foreign partners who made important decisions to strengthen our air defense and gave five reasons why this is extremely important for a country as large as Ukraine.

1. Every air defense system and every missile it launches saves the lives of our citizens.

2. Ukrainians who have been forced to leave their homes because of Russian shelling will be able to return to cities covered by a reliable shield. Potentially, this means millions of people.

"This will give a significant boost to Ukraine's economy, help us reduce the budget deficit and, as a result, the need for international financial assistance," the Ukrainian guarantor writes.

3. The stronger our air defense is, the greater will be Ukraine's success in the Black Sea, the greater will be its maritime exports, the better will be the protection of freedom of navigation and the greater will be its stability.

"This will allow us to deliver hundreds of thousands of additional tons of food through a safer maritime export corridor and counteract the global food crisis," Zelenskyi said in a statement.

4. Each installation saves resources that would otherwise be needed to restore destroyed facilities, critical infrastructure, energy systems, power grids, etc.

5. Depriving Russia of the ability to terrorize Ukraine with missiles and drones will force the aggressor to abandon these tactics, which will help bring victory closer.

At the last meeting in the Ramstein format the day before, our country's partners managed to create a new coalition: ground-based air defense. Official Kyiv also secured the transfer of new packages for the defense and liberation of territories from invaders.

As OBOZ.UA reported, Pentagon chief Austin pointed out the need to strengthen the protection of Ukrainian skies. This is especially important in connection with the upcoming winter and the likely resumption of energy terror by Russian troops.

"As Ukraine faces another winter of war, I urge this group to provide Kyiv with air defense capabilities to protect its people," the US Secretary said.

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