Zelensky to visit France, ask NATO to shoot down Russian missiles - Politico

Zelensky plans to join D-Day events in France and G7 meeting in Italy. Source: Office of the President of Ukraine

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is reportedly planning to attend the D-Day events in France in early June, as well as the G7 leaders' meeting in Italy. The head of state will use these events to call on the West to send more aid to fight Russia. He also allegedly plans to ask NATO to shoot down Russian missiles.

This was reported by Politico, citing two sources. It is about the events dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the landing of Western allies in Normandy.

Journalists write that the Ukrainian president's schedule is always subject to change, but if all goes according to plan, Zelensky is expected to use the trip to call for more military support from the West and ask NATO to shoot down Russian missiles, as the US and Britain did when Iran attacked Israel.

He will also demand that the United States and European countries confiscate Russian assets to help fund Ukraine's defense and post-war reconstruction.

"Zelensky's plans are particularly noteworthy as he recently canceled trips abroad after Russia launched a major offensive in the Kharkiv region. But Ukraine is also in desperate need of continued support and global attention, and this trip will give him the opportunity to meet with world leaders, including President Joe Biden, to advocate for his country's interests," the newspaper writes.

Then, according to journalists' sources, Zelensky plans to travel to Italy for the G7 meeting.

"For several months, the group members have been debating the feasibility of using hundreds of billions of confiscated Russian assets to bolster Ukraine's defense and economy, citing legal issues and fears that Moscow could do the same to Western countries. The United States and Britain have strongly supported the idea, while some European members, such as Germany, are more skeptical," the article says.

This issue stirred up the previous meeting of the G7 finance ministers, at which European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde strongly opposed the full confiscation of Russian assets to provide a loan to Ukraine.

Zelensky is likely to use this opportunity to speak to heads of state and government to try to convince those who doubt him.

"If there is $300 billion in the world, why not use it?" he said in January.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, French President Emmanuel Macron announced an increase in aid to Ukraine, including the supply of military equipment. He also warned that if Moscow goes too far, Europe must be ready to act to protect the world.

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