"We will take away our land from the regime": tanks of the Freedom of Russia Legion crossed the border of the Russian Federation

Soldiers of the Legion "Freedom of Russia" crossed the border with Russia

The Freedom of Russia Legion issued a statement to Russians amid reports of fighting in the Belgorod region. The fighters said they had already crossed the Russian border.

They published a video with the appeal on their Telegram channel. The volunteers said that they were going to liberate Russia from dictator Vladimir Putin and would take back their land from the regime inch by inch.

"Good morning from the Russian-Ukrainian border. Like all our fellow citizens, in the Legion, we dream of a Russia liberated from Putin's dictatorship. But we don't just dream: we are making every effort to realize these dreams.

We will take our land from the regime centimeter by centimeter. Russians will sleep peacefully, will not be afraid of the doorbell, will not be afraid to say what they think. Russians will vote for whom they want, not whom they have to. Russians will live freely," the volunteers said.

Later, the soldiers posted a video of themselves moving on tanks and reported that they had already crossed the border with Russia.

"Tanks are not afraid of mud. We have crossed the Rubicon. We have crossed the border," the message reads.

As part of their operation on the territory of the Russian Federation, the volunteers took "control" of the village of Tiotkino in the Kursk region. The fighters also posted a fragment of the morning combat defeat of a company stronghold of the Russians during the event in Tiotkino.

Earlier, the media reported that the Freedom of Russia Legion, the RDC, and the Siberian Battalion entered the Kursk and Belgorod regions of the Russian Federation as part of a joint operation.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA reported that on the morning of March 5, Russia announced a new "cotton". UAVs attacked the Gubkinsk oil depot in the Belgorod region. After the arrival, a fire broke out at the facility: according to various sources, from one to three tanks were engulfed in flames.

Also on the night of March 5, Ukrainian soldiers hit and sank the Russian ship Sergei Kotov. Its value is about $65 million. The details of the destruction of another enemy vessel were disclosed by the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

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