US prepares new strategy of assistance to Ukraine for 2024: WP has learned the details

The US offers Ukraine a new strategy in the war

The administration of US President Joe Biden is allegedly developing a new strategy to support Ukraine in its war with Russia for 2024. This strategy will focus on the long-term goal of helping to repel possible new Russian offensives by strengthening the country's armed forces and economy.

The Washington Post writes about this, citing sources. However, according to the journalists, the strategy may "de-emphasize the return of territory" and instead focus on "helping Ukraine repel new Russian offensives."

One senior U.S. official told the publication that the idea now is to allow Ukraine to hold its ground on the battlefield for now, but "put it on a different trajectory so that it is much stronger by the end of 2024 and put it on a more sustainable path."

The second administration official emphasized that this strategy does not mean that "Ukrainians are just going to build their defense trenches and sit behind them all year."

"As before, there will be exchanges of territory in small towns and villages with minimal strategic value, missile and drone launches on both sides and Russian attacks on civilian infrastructure," the official said.

The West wants Kyiv to focus on long-range tactics, including French cruise missiles, deterring Russia's Black Sea Fleet to protect sea transit from Ukraine's ports, and tying up Russian forces inside Crimea with missile strikes and special operations sabotage.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, White House National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby said that the next few months will be critical to protecting Ukraine from Russian aggression. Therefore, he called on the US Congress to urgently approve the presidential request for additional funding for Ukraine.

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