"Ukraine will not be brought to its knees": Scholz explains how he sees the end of the war with Russia

German Chancellor. Source: Screenshot

For the sake of peace in Ukraine, allies and partners should continue to support the country as it resists the Russian invaders. Ukraine also needs to be supported in its diplomatic efforts, particularly at the Peace Summit in Switzerland.

This was stated by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. He also addressed Russian dictator Vladimir Putin with a warning that "Ukraine will not allow anyone to bring itself to its knees."

"One thing is clear in the 800 days of the Russian invasion of Ukraine: Russia with its imperial plans will not achieve its goals. Ukraine will not allow anyone to bring itself to its knees or to dictate the terms of surrender. Putin must realize that he will not be able to win this brutal war," Scholz said.

The German Chancellor emphasized that peace for Ukraine should be concluded on fair terms. This is what the international community should work for. Scholz has already scheduled a series of meetings for next week to find ways to "make peace for Ukraine fair."

In particular, on June 11-12, Berlin will host a conference on Ukraine's reconstruction, where the country's economic revival after the war will be discussed. Scholz will also attend a meeting with the G7. And finally, the Peace Summit in Switzerland. According to the German Chancellor, he plans to convince representatives of Asia, Africa and South America of the need to work together to "make Russia understand the need to comply with international law and the UN Charter and to stop its war."

As reported, at the Peace Summit in Switzerland, scheduled for June 15-16, it is important to show that the whole world supports the end of the war in Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on not to let Russia prevent this.

As a reminder, in late May, China officially announced that it would not participate in the Global Peace Summit. It says that its holding does not meet Beijing's requirements, namely that a representative of the aggressor country Russia should participate in the conference.

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