Ukraine has already destroyed a fifth of the Russian fleet – Bild

Ukraine has flooded 20% of the Russian Black Sea Fleet

Ukraine has already sunk a fifth of Russia's "invincible" Black Sea Fleet. Before the full-scale invasion, it consisted of 70 ships.

The relevant statistics were cited by Bild. It was compiled by the publication's analyst Julian Röpke based on the analysis of open data.

It is noted that the Russian Black Sea Fleet left the shores of Ukraine forever after the destruction of its flagship cruiser Moskva. Since then, 13 ships and the Black Sea Fleet headquarters building in Sevastopol have been destroyed in the high seas and at docks. In addition, a missile boat "Ivanivets" was recently destroyed in Crimea.

A visual infographic on Russia's losses in a full-scale war was published by German expert on Ukraine Mattia Nelles. According to the expert, judging by the total tonnage of ships, the Defense Forces have already thinned out the enemy fleet by 20%.

Ukraine has already destroyed a fifth of the Russian fleet – Bild

Historian Jan Behrends from the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt am Oder said in a commentary to the publication that Russia has never had a strong navy, and was only famous for its army. The current successes of our state against Putin's warships after 2022 illustrate the lack of modern technology and the unprofessionalism of sailors.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

– The head of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, Kyrylo Budanov, said that the attack on the Russian military boat "Ivanivets" was carried out with the help of new Ukrainian MAGURA 5 drones. The attack on the vessel was planned and carried out on January 31-February 1.

– The Navy noted that it will be very difficult for the occupiers to restore the Ivanivets missile boat, which was destroyed in Crimea as a result of a special operation by the GUR on the night of February 1. These units have long been discontinued, and there were only three of them in the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

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