Two Russian tanks exploded on their own mines near Kupyansk: Ukrainian Armed Forces drones "helped" them. Video

A drone has destroyed Russian T-72s
A drone has destroyed Russian T-72s

In the Kupyansk sector, two Russian tanks exploded on mines laid by the occupiers themselves. A kamikaze drone of Ukrainian defenders from the State Border Guard Service finished off the damaged military equipment.

The corresponding video was published by the SBGS press service on Telegram on November 1. "Explosive techno-service of the tank from the border guards," the agency joked (to watch the video, scroll to the end).

Two tanks of the Russian Armed Forces can be seen standing motionless next to each other in an open area on a road. The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reported that they were T-72s.

The tanks were damaged because they had been hit by Russian mines. One received more serious damage and exploded, while the other only "took off".

Tanks in the camera of an FPV drone

"The kamikaze drones sent by the Steel Frontier fighters immediately flew out and provided him with urgent 'assistance,'" the SBGS joked.

Drone strike
Kupyansk on the map

As OBOZ.UA previously reported:

- Over the past day (October 31), the Ukrainian Defense Forces eliminated another 680 Russian war criminals. The total number of Russian losses in manpower on the 616th day of the full-scale war reached 301,490 occupants.

- Read the statistics of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine here.

Only verified information is available on the OBOZ.UA Telegram channel and Viber. Do not fall for fakes!

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