"This is the way of development": Budanov talks about the future dominance of unmanned ships

Budanov spoke about the future dominance of unmanned vessels. Source: DIU CHIEF OF STAFF

In the future, unmanned vessels will dominate conventional warships. Already, such developments are working effectively and producing results.

According to Kyrylo Budanov, Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, one-third of the combat potential of the Russian Black Sea Fleet has been destroyed. He stated this during the United24 forum.

Budanov emphasized that Ukraine already has the results of using unmanned offshore strike platforms. In addition, the DIU chief added that our country has great prospects for the development of such technologies.

"This equipment works – this is the most important thing. It produces results. People who work on this equipment produce results. A third of the destroyed combat potential of the Russian Black Sea Fleet is the most decent indicator," Budanov said.

According to the Ukrainian intelligence chief, robotic offshore platforms are being improved. In particular, they are being fitted with systems for hitting small surface and air targets, as well as striking at the coasts.

"The systems are being modernized. Technologies are being mastered. New technologies are emerging. Over time, we will probably see the complete dominance of unmanned vessels over conventional warships. At least in closed or semi-closed waters, such as the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, etc. This is definitely the way forward," Budanov said.

As a reminder, the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine spoke about Ukrainian Magura V5 maritime drones. It is these unmanned boats that have become a real threat to the Russian Black Sea Fleet and have sent more than one Russian warship to the bottom.

Earlier it was reported that the Security Service of Ukraine is implementing the best military and technological solutions to effectively destroy the enemy. That is why Sea Baby marine drones have already been equipped with Grads.

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