"They are bombing the Crimean bridge": Russian citizens are concerned about the successes of the Ukrainian army. Interception

Russians frightened by new strikes on Crimean bridge and AFU successes

Citizens of the aggressor country Russia are concerned about the counter-offensive actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the south, in particular the successes of our Defense Forces in the area of Robtyne in the Zaporizhzhia Region. Another hot spot in Russia is the Kherson direction.

This became known from a telephone conversation between a Russian occupant and his wife or girlfriend, intercepted by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (to listen to it, scroll to the end of the page). Active discussion of the situation on the front line took place on the eve of Ukraine's Independence Day.

"Yes, the Kherson direction... they are still trying. They are bombing the Crimean Bridge and Kherson, there will be more strikes there..They are now preparing, they have Ukraine Day on the 24th," the Russian woman said.

''They are bombing the Crimean bridge'': Russian citizens are concerned about the successes of the Ukrainian army. Interception

The occupation forces of the Russian Federation were preparing for increased combat activity on the part of Ukrainian units.

According to the Russian citizens, the AFU broke through the defense lines of the Russians in some places and went 500 meters deep into their positions, which is not very inspiring for the residents of the aggressor country. They have become even more worried about their relatives and acquaintances who went to Ukraine to fight and give them valuable advice on how to behave on the front line.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the Russian invaders felt real panic because of the repeated landing of Ukrainian paratroopers in Crimea. Invaders decided to fight them with quadcopters out of fright.

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