"The tactics have somewhat changed": Air Force explains what the enemy is using now instead of Shahed drones and why

The Ukrainian side is analyzing the situation. Source: mil.in.ua

Ilia Yevlash, spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force Command, talked about changes in the tactics of drone use by the Russian occupation forces. According to him, the enemy has recently abandoned or significantly reduced the number of Shahed attack drones used to strike Ukraine.

Instead, the invaders are actively using reconnaissance drones to ensure the precise missile attacks. Yevlash spoke about this on the air of the all-Ukrainian TV marathon.

He explained that when the occupiers use, for example, X-59 or ballistic missiles, they try to accurately adjust them with the help of reconnaissance drones.

"We see that the tactics have somewhat changed. Recently, they have not been using or have significantly reduced the number of Shahed-type attack drones, as was the case, for example, two or three weeks ago. Now the enemy has activated reconnaissance drones to adjust its missile strikes. When they use X-59 or ballistic missiles, of course, they are trying to adjust them with the help of reconnaissance drones," the spokesman said.

He also noted that the Ukrainian side is analyzing the situation and is monitoring the use of reconnaissance drones as they are smaller and harder to detect. However, according to Yevlash, whenever possible, the Air Force also destroys them with air defense systems.

As a reminder, Ukraine does not rule out the possibility of a Shahed drone, missile or even combined massive shelling from the Russian Federation on Easter. The holiday falls on Sunday, May 5.

Serhii Bratchuk, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Volunteer Army "South," emphasized that it is very difficult to shoot down ballistic missiles in the southern regions of the country, so the enemy takes advantage of this.

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