The "carotid" oil artery of the russian federation must and will be cut - Volodymyr Yatsenko

The "carotid" oil artery of the russian federation must and will be cut - Volodymyr Yatsenko

The developer of the Ukrainian Dovbush UAVs, Volodymyr Yatsenko, predicts attacks on the oil transport infrastructure of Russia. He wrote about this on his Facebook.

“Air defense and electronic warfare will not protect the entire oil pipeline - soon there will be an interesting series - several thousand kilometers long. Here are some numbers: 90% of the oil is transported through the territory of mordor via pipelines. 35% of the enemy’s budget comes from oil and gas exports. My expert forecast is that multiple hits of the oil transport pipeline infrastructure will force the enemy to stop the war. The "carotid" oil artery must and will be cut! ", wrote Volodymyr Yatsenko.

"Dovbush" is a multipurpose Ukrainian drone that can be equipped into an attack or reconnaissance UAV depending on the combat mission. In addition, it can work as a repeater for the Kotigoroshko kamikaze drone, which was also developed by Volodymyr Yatsenko’s team. The developers plan to create a swarm of attack drones that can operate over long distances. Manufacturers transfer all UAVs to the Ukrainian Armed Forces free of charge after military operators complete a special training course.

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