Slovaks raise almost €4 million for the Ukrainian Armed Forces despite government's refusal to help Ukraine

Slovaks have raised almost €4 million for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Source: Mier Ukraine on Facebook

The Slovak civic initiative Mier Ukrajine (Peace for Ukraine) has already raised almost €4 million for shells for Ukraine. As you know, the Slovak authorities have refused to participate in the Czech project to purchase shells for our country. However, the people of Slovakia do not like the pro-Russian position of Robert Fico's government.

This is evidenced by the statistics of Mier Ukrajine. As of two o'clock in the morning on April 28, Slovaks have raised 3,899,561 euros, and 60,854 people have joined the collection.

"Let's be brave and help Ukraine defend itself together. We refuse to accept the refusal to help our neighbor affected by the war. We are convinced that the government's position does not correspond to the majority of citizens," Mier Ukrajine said.

In this way, the organization intends to "prove that Slovakia is not cowardly and stands on the right side of history" in addition to the main goal (i.e., helping Ukraine).

Initially, Mier Ukrajine planned to raise only one million euros. However, after seeing how the donations were going, the initiative was made permanent, and "every 250 thousand euros is turned into ammunition that is sent to Ukraine on a regular basis."

Moreover, Mier Ukrajine has begun to raise money for drones and even a Black Hawk helicopter for Ukraine (out of the €4.2 million needed, €1.6 million has already been raised.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, Czech President Petr Pavel assured that his country is trying to deliver the shells to Ukraine "as quickly as possible." At the same time, Europe is increasing its capacity to produce ammunition.

It is currently known that 20 countries have joined the Czech initiative to purchase ammunition for Ukraine. Prague has already identified more than a million units of ammunition that could be purchased from non-EU countries - previously, the figure was 800,000 units.

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