Sentenced to 13 years in a colony back in 2016: the "hero" of the Pust Govoryat Russian show captured by AFU. Video

"Hero" of Pust Govoryat show captured by Ukrainian Armed Forces

Ukrainian defenders captured Russian occupier Daniil Glushchenko, who was sentenced to 13 years in a maximum security prison in Russia. The criminal was imprisoned for attempted murder and large-scale extortion  However, he was promised to be released from serving his sentence and drop the charges for his participation in the "SMO".

The video of the interrogation of the 28-year-old occupier was obtained by OBOZ.UA. He said that he was charged back in 2016. At that time, the occupier lived with a girl with whom he decided to break up to date another.

The victim's relatives accused him of attempted murder of his former lover, which he claims is groundless. Then, he says, they "came up" with another article - large-scale extortion - to make sure he did not get out of prison. Then, the occupier complained, they used the national TV show Pust Govoryat to get paid for their story.

Glushchenko said that while behind bars, he received an offer in August 2023 to participate in the SMO. He signed up for a 6-month contract.

Earlier, the captured Russian occupier called his family, but, as it turned out, he interrupted their feast. The drunken relatives promised to "call half of Yaroslavl city" to help him.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, a new camp for Russian prisoners of war, Zakhid-2, was opened in Ukraine. According to the Geneva Conventions, it is located in the deep rear. The invaders have separate beds, the rooms are heated, and meals are regular.

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