Scholz names a condition under which Putin could decide to withdraw his troops from Ukraine

Olaf Scholz. Source: tagesschau.de

The West must continue to support Ukraine as it confronts Russia's full-scale armed aggression. Such support will be the best way to prevent further escalation and, in particular, a potential armed confrontation between Russia and NATO.

This was stated by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, speaking at a meeting of the Social Democratic Parties of Europe in Bucharest, Reuters reports. The politician emphasized that "effective deterrence" will eventually make Russian dictator Vladimir Putin realize that he cannot win on the battlefield, and this will lead to the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine and the end of the war.

In his speech, Scholz reiterated that Germany will not stop supporting Ukraine and called on other European countries to do the same. In his opinion, such support could help prevent World War III.

According to Scholz, the best way to prevent any escalation up to a possible war between Russia and NATO is "effective deterrence."

"The war in Ukraine will end the moment (Russian) President (Vladimir) Putin decides to withdraw his troops. However, he will only make this decision when he realizes that he cannot win the war on the battlefield," the German Chancellor is convinced.

During Russia's full-scale invasion, Germany has provided Ukraine with military aid totaling about 28 billion euros, and Berlin is not going to stop there, calling on other European governments to do the same. At the same time, Europe must make sure that it is ready to defend itself if necessary.

"That's why we are investing more in our own security and defense together as Europeans so that no one dares to attack us. This also means putting aside narrow self-interest and building a strong and truly European defense industry," Scholz added.

Earlier, Scholz accused Macron of provoking World War III due to the French president's statements about the possible deployment of a military contingent to Ukraine. During the third Ukraine-France Forum in Paris, the Federal Chancellor also told Macron that the idea of sending foreign troops to Ukraine was pointless as there was "no consensus" among the states and that Germany was categorically against such a decision.

The French president responded to the German prime minister quite harshly, noting that "we do not need consensus on this issue." He emphasized that he wanted to assemble a "group of brave states" and that he did not even expect Germany to be among them.

Macron explained his proposal to send troops as a way to demonstrate to the Kremlin that there are no red lines in Europe's assistance to Ukraine. And this would "create a situation of strategic uncertainty for Russia."

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