Russian occupiers killed two foreign volunteers near Bakhmut: what is known

Anthony Ignat and Emma Igual died.
Anthony Ignat and Emma Igual have died.

Two volunteers - 32-year-old Emma Igual (Spanish citizen) and Anthony Ignat (Canadian citizen) - were killed near the village of Ivanivske in Donetsk region. They, along with two other foreigners, participants of a humanitarian mission, were in a car and came under Russian fire.

The occupiers opened fire on the car of the humanitarian organization Road to Relief, which was traveling from Sloviansk in the direction of Bakhmut. El Mundo writes that a direct hit caused the vehicle to overturn and catch fire.

Ivanovskoye is close to the front line, between Bakhmut and Chasovy Yar.

Ivanivske, Donetsk region on the map.

The Road to Relief organization wrote on its Instagram page that in the car of the humanitarian group, in addition to Emma Igual and Anthony Ignat, there were German medical volunteer Ruben Mavik and Swedish volunteer Johan Mathias.

Ruben and Johan suffered severe shrapnel wounds and burns, but their condition is stable. The injured are in separate hospitals away from the scene.

Canadian Anthony Ignat has died

The body of Canadian Anthony "Tonko" was found at the impact site, while the Spanish national was initially reported missing. On September 10, Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares announced that he had received confirmation of Emma's death.

The woman was the director and co-founder of Road to Relief, a non-governmental organization that since 2022 has been helping Ukraine by evacuating civilians and delivering humanitarian aid to the most affected areas.

Prior to that, Emma Igual worked for more than five years as a researcher at various universities and UN agencies and published articles in scientific journals.

Emma Igual has died
Emma Igual was murdered by Russian occupiers

As OBOZREVATEL wrote, defending the Ukrainian state from a full-scale invasion of Russia, a warrior and volunteer Yevgeny Savelyev with the call sign "Dobry" died. The defender of the country was severely wounded at the front on August 28, fought for life, but on September 7 he was gone.

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