"Russia uses advanced technologies to interfere with Starlink on the front line in Ukraine," Fedorov

Russia is using new technologies to provoke Starlink failures at the front

In May, before the Russian invaders took up positions near Kharkiv, Ukrainian defenders were experiencing slowdowns or even loss of Starlink satellite internet. The system was disrupted by electronic weapons deployed by the Russians.

The New York Times writes about this. The publication notes that Russia has used advanced technologies to interfere with Starlink, which has led to interruptions in Internet communications on the northern front line.

Starlink satellite internet has been critical for the Ukrainian Armed Forces since the first days of the full-scale war with Russia. Without it, according to the Ukrainian military, they were unable to communicate and share information quickly and had to resort to sending text messages. With the advent of Starlink, everything has changed – the Ukrainian military uses it to communicate, gather intelligence, and conduct drone attacks, and with the help of the Armed Forces' advanced communications, they often managed to outwit the occupiers, the publication notes.

However, according to Ukrainian soldiers, officials, and electronic warfare experts, the situation of the first days of the great war was repeated on the northern front line in May this year, when the Starlink system was disrupted by Russian attacks on it.

Ukraine's Minister of Digital Technologies, Mykhailo Fedorov, said that Russia's recent attacks on Starlink used new and more advanced technology. Previously, this service had been extremely well able to withstand interference at the front, where the occupiers widely used electronic warfare, radio interference, and other communication disruptions.

"The Russians are now testing various mechanisms to disrupt the quality of Starlink communication because it is so important to us," the head of the Ministry of Digital Transformation said. Fedorov added that Ukraine is constantly communicating with Elon Musk's SpaceX company to solve problems.

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