Russia used Tu-95MS bomber jets to attack Ukraine: explosions heard in western regions

Russia scrambled bomber jets once again. Source: Open sources

On the night of Sunday, March 31, the aggressor country Russia launched a number of cruise missiles at Ukraine right after drones. The enemy targets flew from north to west, and explosions were heard in several regions as air defense systems were activated.

At the same time, Poland once again scrambled its planes because of Russian missiles in western Ukraine. The situation was monitored by several channels.

According to their data, six Tu-95MS strategic bombers took off from the Olenya airfield in the Murmansk region of the Russian Federation and began moving towards the launch sites in the Saratov region and the Caspian-Volgodon region.

"In the period from 01:05 to 01:20, two Tu-95MS took off from Engels-2 airfield. A total of eight planes were in the air," they added later.

At 04:07, it was reported that the enemy launched X-101 cruise missiles. After that, the air raid alert began to spread in the regions. At 04:28, the information was confirmed by the Ukrainian Air Force.

Russia used Tu-95MS bomber jets to attack Ukraine: explosions heard in western regions

As of 05:00, the alert was announced in all regions of Ukraine. Missiles were observed flying from Chernihiv region to Kyiv; from Kyiv region to Zhytomyr region; and through Rivne region to Ternopil, Volyn, Lviv, and Prykarpattia regions. The Regional Military Administrations warned of air defense work.

At about 06:00, Poland informed its citizens that due to the Russian missile attack on Ukraine, aircraft were operating in Polish airspace, which "may lead to increased noise levels, especially in the southeastern part of the country."

At about half past seven, the threat passed. According to monitoring channels, Russia used:

- X-101/555 cruise missiles (launched from Tu-95s from the Saratov region of the Russian Federation);

- Shahed-type strike UAVs (from the Chauda training ground in the temporarily occupied Crimea).

"Some of the X-101/555 missiles covered the longest distance of ~2060 km (from Saratov region of the Russian Federation to Ternopil region) in two hours of flight," the statement said.

Lviv, Odesa, and Khmelnytskyi regions were under missile and drone attack. The enemy also targeted the energy sector of our country. The missile attack lasted two hours.

In the morning, the head of the Lviv Regional Military Administration, Maksym Kozytskyi, said that the shelling had destroyed an administrative building. One person was killed, and there may be more people under the rubble. Rescuers are currently dismantling the rubble.

As reported, the aggressor country Russia has modified the X-101 missiles it uses to hit Ukraine from strategic aviation. Now the enemy produces these missiles with two warheads, the total weight of which is about 800 kg.

On the night of March 30, the southern and southeastern regions of Odesa region were under drone attack, in particular. The enemy plans the routes of its drones in such a way as to both expose and bypass air defense systems, which may be a harbinger of further attacks when the occupiers gather information.

On March 29, Russia fired cruise missiles from TU-95MS, as well as Kinzhal missiles at Ukraine. The enemy used these missiles, as well as Shahed drones, to attack energy facilities and civilian infrastructure in several regions: there were destructions, damage, and casualties.

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