Russia systematically uses gas, prohibited by Chemical Weapons Convention, against AFU - The Telegraph

Tear gas, which can cause panic, is especially popular. Source: The 53rd Separate Mechanized Brigade named after Prince Volodymyr Monomakh

Russian troops are likely to systematically use CS tear gas, which can cause panic, and other chemical weapons dropped with a help of drones against the Ukrainian military. Ukrainian defenders have gas masks for protection, but they are not always effective.

This is stated in an article by the British newspaper The Telegraph, citing Ukrainian soldiers on the front line, published on April 6. According to the newspaper, CS tear gas is often used by European police against demonstrators.

In Germany, for example, it can be ordered online for self-defense. However, the use of this gas in time of war is prohibited under the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Although CS gas is not lethal, it causes panic, which can lead soldiers to abandon their trenches when they are under attack from conventional weapons.

Many Ukrainian defenders have gas masks with them and receive manuals with instructions on how to behave in the event of a chemical attack, the newspaper writes.

American nurse Rebecca Maciorowski, who serves in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, told The Telegraph that some of the soldiers from three brigades she is assisting near Donetsk do not have any protective equipment. They have to buy it themselves or rely on volunteers.

"We have gas masks, but in almost all cases they are very old, former Soviet models, and they are not very effective. Some even have filters that contain asbestos (a carcinogen banned in Ukraine since 2022 - Ed.)," one of the Ukrainian military told reporters.

As reported, earlier, the Russian 810th Marine Brigade of the Russian Black Sea Fleet stated that they deliberately used chemical weapons against Ukrainian defenders in violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention. ISW noted that in this way the occupiers tried to "smoke out" the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Krynky in the Kherson region.

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