Russia hits Kyiv with X-101 missile made in the fourth quarter of 2023: what it means

The occupiers hit Ukraine with X-101 missile manufactured at the end of 2023

During the missile attack on Kyiv on the morning of Tuesday, January 2, the aggressor country Russia used an X-101 cruise missile that was manufactured in the fourth quarter of 2023 (October-December). This fact indicates that the long pause in massive missile attacks was due to the intention of the Russians to accumulate more missiles for a large-scale campaign of attacks on the territory of Ukraine.

This is reported by the Defense Express portal, citing sources and photographs obtained. The journalists explain that usually the production time of such missiles can be established by using a ten-digit serial number on a part of the missile's design, which allows to determine the origin of the components.

Recently, however, the Russians have begun to put more complex serial numbers on missiles, which are more difficult to decipher. This also applies to the downed X-101.

"Oddly enough, the reference to the 4th quarter of 2023 as the time of manufacture of the downed X-101 is "sewn" in the number 9 (in other words, "5" should be subtracted from the seventh digit in the serial number, and this will give the number of the quarter in which the missile was manufactured)," the journalists report.

The tail section of one of the downed X-101 missiles, January 2, 2024

According to the journalists, the use of the X-101 missile by the Russians today, manufactured in the fourth quarter of 2023, does not indicate the exhaustion of the Russian missile arsenal. However, it may indicate that the pace of current production will be one of the factors that will affect the time intervals between possible future strikes.

The warhead of one of the downed X-101 missiles, January 2, 2024

Earlier, it was reported that on the morning of January 2, the terrorist state of Russia took 16 Tu-95MS bomber missile carriers into the sky and launched missiles at Ukraine, including Kinzhal ones. They constantly changed their vector of movement but were mostly heading for Kyiv region. Both hits and downing reported.

As reported, Russia boasted of a large-scale attack on Ukrainian cities on the morning of January 2, which resulted in civilians being killed and injured. The Kremlin justified the attack by claiming that they allegedly attacked Ukrainian military-industrial complex facilities where missiles are manufactured.

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