Russia boasts of strike on Odesa: propagandists imagine "foreign specialists"

Three people were injured in the shelling. Source: Patrol police

On Monday morning, Russian occupation forces attacked Odesa with cruise missiles. Russian propagandists have already boasted about the attack , which resulted in civilian casualties.

Moreover, they imagined "foreign specialists" there. This was reported by Russian media.

"A western-made missile weapons depot was hit in Odesa, with up to 10 foreign specialists who serviced the missiles under attack," the propagandists said, citing their own sources in the Russian security forces.

It should be noted that the Russian attack actually hit civilian infrastructure in the regional center.

Three people were injured in the shelling: they are in hospital, all in moderate condition. Rescuers and emergency services were working at the scene. A warehouse in the city caught fire after a Russian missile attack: the fire is very large, and smoke has risen up.

Russia boasts of strike on Odesa: propagandists imagine ''foreign specialists''

According to the South Air Command, on the morning of June 24, the troops of the Russian aggressor country attacked Odesa region with two cruise missiles, probably Iskander-K. Due to the active counteraction of the air defense of southern Ukraine, one of the missiles did not reach its target.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, on June 19, Russia fired an Iskander-M ballistic missile at Odesa region from the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea. The attack damaged recreational infrastructure.

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