Russia attacks Ukraine with 22 Shaheds and a Kh-59 at night: air defense forces shoot down 17 drones and a missile

Destruction of "Shahed" drones

On the night of March 12, Ukraine's Air Defense Forces shot down 17 out of 22 Shahed kamikaze drones in the sky. The Russian occupiers terrorized a number of regions with them and also launched a missile at Odesa region, but the defenders of the sky shot it down.

The alarm over the threat of enemy strikes has been spreading across the country since Monday evening, and the Air Force has also warned of the possibility of the aggressor using ballistics. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported on the results of repelling the attack.

"At night, the Russian occupiers once again attacked Ukraine using 22 Shahed UAVs. Ukrainian air defense forces and means destroyed 17 attack UAVs," the statement said.

According to the Southern Defense Forces, during this attack, the enemy also launched a Kh-59 missile in the direction of Odesa region - air defense units destroyed it over the sea.

For2.5 hours, the defenders repelled the drone attack, shooting down a total of eight Shaheds in the south: four in the sky over Mykolaiv region and two in Kherson region.

"Two more left our operational area in the direction of Dnipropetrovsk region, where they were also destroyed," the military emphasized.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, last night the defenders of the sky shot down 15 out of 25 Shaheds. Unfortunately, there were hits on infrastructure facilities in Kharkiv and Odesa region.

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