Putin "did not see" Ukraine on an old map: Feigin speaks out on the scandal

Putin's shame with a map ''without'' Ukraine: Feigin's commentary

The story of the 17th-century French map, on which Russian dictator Vladimir Putin allegedly did not see Ukraine, is not the first time he has denied Ukraine's existence. At the same time, nothing depends on the aggressor's opinion of our country.

This statement was made by Russian human rights activist Mark Feigin in an exclusive interview with OBOZREVATEL. "By and large, who cares if you think it was, if it is, if it will be? Who cares about Putin's opinion in Ukraine?" - he said.

Feigin reminded that the inscription on the map reads "Ukraine, the land of the Cossacks" - "this is Ukraine". But the propagandists relied on something else.

"The map was brought by Zorkin (the head of the Russian Constitutional Court, Valery Zorkin - Ed.), a madman who has lost his mind, a corrupted lunatic. He was told to bring the map - you bring it, show it to Putin so that he can say that there is no Ukraine," the human rights activist explained.

He reminded that Putin has repeatedly manipulated public consciousness on the topic of history and denied Ukraine and its history: "He wrote whole articles on this subject. Either Lenin invented Ukraine or something else."

"But who cares? Who is this for? Putin's opinion means nothing more, nothing depends on it. If there was no Ukraine, then there will be no Ukraine, we will destroy it. Well, try to destroy it, reach Kyiv. Can't do it? Then there is nothing to talk about," the human rights activist concluded.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Russian propaganda media published a video of Putin looking at an old map. Looking at the map, the dictator said that before Soviet Ukraine, "no Ukraine existed in the history of mankind".

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