Occupants deploy additional morgues in the occupied territories of Ukraine – National Security and Defense Center

Occupants increase the number of morgues in the occupied territories. Source: Official portal of the Verkhovna Rada

Russian occupants are increasing the number of morgues in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. The reason for this is the intensification of offensive actions and the increase in enemy losses.

This was reported by the National Resistance Center. It is noted that additional places for storing corpses have been deployed mainly in the Luhansk region, and in premises not intended for this purpose.

According to the CNS, even bodies from the north of Kharkiv region are brought there so as not to "traumatize" the residents of Russian Belgorod.

"This is an eloquent summary of the rule of international criminal Vladimir Putin when Russia exports soldiers to another country and imports their bodies back non-stop," the activists noted.

To recap, soldiers of the 12th Azov Special Forces Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine showed how they are destroying Russian occupiers and their equipment near the village of Terny in Donetsk region. The defenders are using attack drones to reduce the number of the enemy army. The soldiers say they are trying to inflict maximum losses on the enemy.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

– The National Guard told the story of a soldier of the Fifth Separate Slobozhanska Brigade who held his position against four occupiers in the Bakhmut sector alone. The defender engaged the enemy in close combat and eliminated two Russians.

– The soldiers of the Third Assault Brigade defeated a column of Russian occupation troops that was trying to make a breakthrough in the Kharkiv region. As a result, three pieces of equipment were destroyed beyond repair and four more were damaged.

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