NATO wants to take over arms supplies to Ukraine to outplay Trump if he becomes president - Handelsblatt

NATO may lead coordination of arms supplies to Ukraine

NATO is considering taking over the coordination of arms supplies to Ukraine, which has been fighting a full-scale Russian invasion for almost two years. Although the Alliance has repeatedly said that it does not intend to become part of the conflict with Russia, the taboo has been "shaken" by the possible return of Donald Trump to the presidency.

This is stated in an article by the German newspaper Handelsblatt, whose journalists cite sources in diplomatic and political circles. The authors write that this is in fact a change of course, as the bloc had not previously interfered in the supply of weapons to Ukraine and considered it a matter of bilateral agreements between individual NATO countries and Kyiv.

The leadership of the North Atlantic Alliance, as noted, wants to integrate the Ramstein format into the structures of the bloc. This decision may be an effort to protect itself from possible changes in US policy.

The fact is that NATO fears that Washington's military assistance to Kyiv may stop if Trump becomes president.

"A fundamental change of course is beginning in NATO: the Western defense alliance is preparing plans to take over the coordination of arms supplies to Ukraine," the authors write.

According to the publication, the integration plan was developed by White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, US President Joe Biden said that former President Donald Trump called and "threatened" Republican senators not to vote for the bill on the American border, which provides for the allocation of aid to Ukraine and Israel.

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