AFU's massive attack on Crimea with ATACMS missiles: White House voices consequences

American ATACMS. Source: picture alliance/Photoshot

The Armed Forces of Ukraine launched ATACMS missiles on the temporarily occupied Crimea. Thus, they destroyed Russian air defense systems, command posts and airfields.

This was announced by John Kirby, Strategic Communications Coordinator of the US National Security Council, during a briefing. He noted that it is not the first time that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have shown that they can deter the largest army in Europe with the support of Western countries.

"The success of the Ukrainian military is not limited to the frontline. The Ukrainian Armed Forces used long-range ATACMS strike missiles provided by the United States in Crimea, destroying Russian anti-aircraft missile systems, command posts, and airfields," Kirby said.

In addition, he said, Ukraine sank a ship in the port of Sevastopol with cruise missiles. That is why the Russian Black Sea Fleet has now left Crimea.

As previously reported, the United States will not lift the restrictions on the Ukrainian military to strike at Russian territory using American weapons. This policy will remain in effect despite the Russian attacks on the Okhmatdyt children's hospital.

Recently, it became known that the Russians have withdrawn all missile launchers from the temporarily occupied Crimea. They have left only supply ships on the peninsula.

In total, during Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, our soldiers have destroyed more than 20% of the Russian Black Sea Fleet's ships.

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