Leopard 1, HIMARS and more: Germany announces new aid package for Ukraine

Germany will provide a new aid package for the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Germany has announced a new military aid package for Ukraine. This package includes Leopard 1 tanks, HIMARS MLRS, shells, and other weapons needed by the Defense Forces.

This was reported by the press service of the German government. The Armed Forces will also receive dozens of VECTOR and RQ-35 HEIDRUN reconnaissance drones.

The full list of contents of the new military support package from Germany is as follows:

  • ten LEOPARD 1 A5 main battle tanks (jointly with Denmark);
  • 3 HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems;
  • 20 shells for LEOPARD 2, MARDER and DACHS;
  • 8,500 155 mm shells;
  • 20 VECTOR reconnaissance drones with spare parts;
  • 34 RQ-35 HEIDRUN reconnaissance drones;
  • one BEAVER bridgehead tank with spare parts;
  • one armored engineering vehicle DACHS;
  • one Bergepanzer 2 armored repair and recovery vehicle with spare parts;
  • four WISENT 1 mine-resistant tanks with spare parts;
  • two mine-clearing plows;
  • 16 Zetros tank trucks;
  • 400 LED lamps;
  • 530 MK 556 assault rifles;
  • 80 HLR 338 high-precision rifles with 60 thousand rounds of ammunition;
  • 111 CR 308 rifles;
  • 1.8 million rounds of ammunition for firearms.

Germany supports Ukraine through the supply of federal troops and industrial goods financed by federal funds.

Earlier it was reported that Germany is open to using the proceeds of frozen Russian assets to help Ukraine in the war with Russia and is ready to quickly redirect these funds. It is about the income, not the assets themselves.

As a reminder, Germany is to hand over another IRIS-T air defense system to Ukraine. Its delivery is expected this month.

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